Special Needs Music Program


Music is special. Music can be enjoyable for everyone. Most importantly, music can help improve the quality of life for children and adults with physical, emotional, and psychological needs in a variety of ways. From increased language development in individuals with autism to improved self-esteem in at-risk youths, music has the potential to make a lasting positive impact in the life of a person.

At YMJ, we understand the change music can bring and our community is dedicated to its mission to serve all individuals, children and adults, including families with children with special needs and schools that serve children with disabilities.

The goal of MFA is to enrich lives through the power of music with emphasis on the process and benefits of music making rather than putting pressure on becoming a polished performer.

MFA is born out of the growing body of evidence that tells us that music is a strong catalyst for learning, especially in a child’s early development. MFA lessons offer a delightful mix of musical activities including singing, reciting, playing instruments, dancing, performing, thoughtfully tailored to serve and nurture every child or adult’s specific learning and developmental goals. Moving at an appropriate pace, MFA teachers teach to engage a student’s interest, improve on his or her weaknesses, celebrate his or her successes, and cultivate his or her passion.

Countless number of children with special needs and their families have benefited from YMJ’s MFA program. We hope you will be one of them. For families and friends who know of loved ones who can benefit from music, please email us at to schedule an one-on-one meeting with our MFA staff.


Study YMJ's curriculum with our renowned faculty in an intimately sized class of like-minded musicians.

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