Recording Studio

The YMJ Recording Studio features state-of-the-art recording equipment and superb acoustics. Our air-conditioned control room is fully equipped with a professional selection of analogue console, microphones and some of the finest outboard equipment available. This perfectly complements our industry standard audio recording and editing systems.

Our air-conditioned control room is both spacious, acoustically designed, and has been treated with various absorbers and bass traps to provide an accurate mixing environment. It is isolated from the other rooms and features a floating wood floor, comfortable sofa and lines of sight to the live room.

The live room houses a sizable area that can accommodate large groups of musicians. The acoustics in this room contribute to the fine quality of the recorded sound. The room is fully isolated from the control room, isolation booth and the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It also features a fully floating wood floor, fresh air replacement and excellent sight lines to the control room.

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Study YMJ's curriculum with our renowned faculty in an intimately sized class of like-minded musicians.

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