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Real World Partnerships

Founded by Musicians and Supporting Musicians
Since 1983

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Real World Partnerships

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Real World Partnerships

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Real World Partnerships

What Can We Offer?

We offer many programs so you can find one that works for you.

Our core programs, with new online learning brings education to your doorsteps.
Join us for our weekly practice and regular concerts.
Music is the universal language of the world. We have programs catered to your specific needs.
Exciting events that are designed to help you improve as an individual and for the community
Need a band, a soloist, maybe a harpist? We'll even record & produce for you.
Premium instruments and books at reasonable prices. We offer rental now too!

About Us

Making a Difference

YMJ’s Institutions and programs offers workshops, ongoing classes, and travel and adventures to inspire joy and creativity and develop your musical skills

We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and YMJ is a place where children, teens and adults learn, create, and have fun in a relaxed, professional musical environment.

Our instructors are established professionals who are passionate about their own work as artists and bring that enthusiasm to their classes.

Whatever your artistic interest and whatever your age or skill level, we have classes to drive your passions through our various programs, year-round facilities, artists and music instructors, small and large studios, and limited class size create a motivational and supportive environment to explore and develop your talents.

MusicTime grew out of the foundation and our music school honors that legacy by striving to recruit instructors at the national level.